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Combined email marketing, A/B testing and personalization for upstarts and high growth sites. Our marketing tools are so easy that grandma could use them – so sophisticated that top sites rely on Rekko to power their conversion rate optimization.

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Unified Service for Email and Website Marketing

The first ‘marketing cloud’ for upstarts and SMBs. It’s amazingly simple to use, yet powerful enough to run some of the top sites on the Internet. One marketing platform for all your conversion marketing needs.

Automatically Optimize all your Marketing

Rekko’s automatic campaign optimization engine puts your marketing on auto-pilot. Just tell Rekko what you need more of, and Rekko continuously tests and delivers more of what works best.

Unified Service for Email and Website Marketing

The first ‘marketing cloud’ for upstarts and SMBs. It’s amazingly simple to use, yet powerful enough to run some of the top sites on the Internet. One marketing platform for all your conversion marketing needs.

over 3 billion personalized marketing engagements served.

How has Rekko helped my business? By providing me with a powerful set of tools for web marketing.
We evaluated a lot of marketing solutions and Rekko was the one platform that gave us the flexibility to tackle a lot of different issues. I'm most excited about the auto split-testing capabilities. You get a scientific test for every single thing you do and you can see which works best.
The Capture app is probably my favorite. It’s really helped us grow our newsletter list in a non-invasive manner. We’re able to set specific parameters such as the number of times a campaign appears, who it appears to, and when it appears during their session.
After 15 years in marketing, I've found the marketing machine. We were blown away by the demo.
In the time we've partnered with Rekko, we've seen some very encouraging results. We tried Optimizely, Monetate and a long-list of other point solutions with mixed results. Rekko is the only one we have found that provides an end-to-end solution to satisfy all of our marketing needs today and in the future. It's also priced at a level that's accessible to small businesses!
My favorite part of Rekko is the report that shows me exactly how much money a campaign made, and exactly which customers my marketing worked on.
Optimizing our conversion funnel has never been so easy.
We"ve already delivered over two (2) billion personalized and optimized pieces of content - and we"re just getting started!
We love it! (on Rekko, not the meat!)
Rekko is the first platform I've seen that comprehensively integrates all the various touch points. Other tools take a piecemeal approach with no intelligence on previous customer activity. We love it.
Rekko is awesome! My biggest roadblock as a marketer is having to ask our IT department for help anytime I want to run a promotion or a messaging campaign on the site. Rekko allows us to quickly and easily create marketing campaigns. I can target new visitors from New York and deliver a promo just for those shoppers. I can do this with zero help from IT. Marketing Nirvana!
One of the best things about Rekko is the support. If we need help building a campaign, doing HTML, or anything else, they are always available and extremely helpful.
Rekko has helped us improve the way that we interact with customers on our website.
Optimizing our conversion funnel has never been so easy!
I’m a little hesitant actually, to recommend Rekko, only because it’s been our secret marketing weapon.
Not only is their system amazing but their team is exceptional as well. Always there when we need it and we highly recommend Rekko.
As an early adopter of Rekko, it quickly became an indispensable part of our marketing toolbox. The Rekko team has created a toolset that makes conversion optimization easy enough to allow us to compete on better footing with the big box stores. is very excited about what we’ve seen so far and we’re excited to continue to grow with the help of Rekko.
Rekko is an important part of our overall marketing strategy. Jess and the team at Rekko were flexible and really easy to work with. I’d highly recommend Rekko to anyone.
One of our favorite campaigns that we’re currently running is our product add-on campaign. And it’s been quite smooth and we’re able to track “what’s popular?” and “what’s recommended the most?” in real time.
Rekko is an enterprise-level, all-in-one marketing solution that is also very easy to use. It allowed us to deliver a customized experience based on user behaviors by utilizing tools like recovery emails, product recommendations, cart intervention, email capture, A/B testing and personalization to name a few.
By being able to easily replace CSS or just add a DIV and put the creative there, we’re able to recommend everything and it’s quite seamless on how it integrates with the site.
I personally handle everything from HR to marketing. Rekko has been enormously helpful in helping us gather email addresses and limiting cart abandonments. In the last 30 days, we've seen more than a 6% increase in revenue over the last 30 days. I would recommend Rekko to anyone looking for some marketing help.
Rekko folks are fabulous and the technology is a big part of our marketing plan.
Our customers love our brand and we think long term in regards to new customer acquisition. Dynamically offering a one-time discount to new customers, for us, far outweighed the discount associated with acquiring that customer. We know they’ll love the quality and style of our products and know they’ll be back. Lifetime value is one of our most important metrics.
Lifetime value is one of our most important metrics here at Voler and Rekko was key in helping us drive that metric. The email capture campaign significantly increased our email database footprint.
Our experience with Rekko has been fantastic. The team is phenomenal to work with… They’re all top notch and they’ve helped us take our ideas and turn them into real life campaigns.
The Rekko team is awesome and the technology has been a great addition to our marketing plans.
It’s been so easy to totally segment our customers and offer them specific offers that have increased our conversion so much. Once we saw the results we were getting from Rekko, we immediately implemented it across all our sites and we’re so excited to keep using them.