How to setup an Echo Campaign in just a few minutes
January 24, 2015
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January 25, 2015

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Hi, this is Hengky from Home Element Furniture. We have been a client of Rekko for about one year now and so far our experience has been positive.

So if you ask me what we use Rekko for, I like to think about it as a way to stretch our marketing dollar, to make it work harder; and also to provide a better customer experience. So let’s go to an example.

For example let’s say your customers click on the ads online and go to your website. They browse on several pages, probably add some items to the cart, and they cannot decide whether to go on or not and they leave your site.

At this point you pretty much lose the customer. Of course you can always do the traditional method of doing the marketing campaign of where you kind of follow the customer around the internet with the marketing banner but what if you can do better than that?

What if, once the customer clicks on your ads then you can customize a promotion or offer depending on customer behaviour? For example, if you know customers spend a certain amount of time adding items to the cart then you kind of know this customer is pretty serious about buying the item. So what you can do is, you can probably use a certain offer in the shopping cart page telling them if you’re ready to buy we’ll give you a certain discount now.

Or even better, if a customer actually fills out the newsletter sign up, now they are no longer anonymous. You have their email address. So if they happen to leave your site you can still send them email. You can send them email about a promotion that you have, you can even remind them, you know, or introduce your website further to them, in case it’s not like, familiar to them. And also, as far as the abandoned cart, you can even send an email with the items that they left on their shopping cart.

So, all this sounds complicated, which it is, but from the client perspective it’s actually very easy to do. All we need to do is install a pixel or a script and the rest is done from Rekko’s end. And then it really depends on your technical expertise.

If you’re really hands on you can do your own campaign. You design the graphic, you design the behaviour that you like to achieve. Or there’s always your Rekko’s contact that can help you to go through all the details. And so far our contact, Jessica, has been great. I mean, all the turnaround for any campaign usually is only a few days.

So for example, let’s say you decide, okay I want to show a certain banner to a customer that has been visiting our site, say, ten times in the past seven days. Then, you know, basically you just have to put that behaviour in Rekko’s dashboard and design a specific banner and you’re all set.

So I guess that’s it.