My quick status post
August 14, 2014

Situation Analysis:

Voler has manufactured and marketed beautifully designed apparel for the avid cyclist since 1986. Voler sells both directly to the cycling community on their website and through online dealers. Voler also markets customized apparel to speciality bike retailers. Like many sites, Voler uses Mailchimp and email marketing as a foundation of their marketing efforts. Expanding Voler’s email footprint has been a primary objective for Aaron Barker, Voler’s Marketing Manager. Doing it more effectively by increasing signups and conversions is why Aaron and their team turned to Rekko.

Online retailers continue to use email as one of their most important marketing channels. In fact, it was recently rated the number one marketing activity in a Direct Marketer’s Association’s study.

Mailchimp Logo

Capture integrated with the customer’s Mailchimp account seamlessly with one click!

While Voler used Mailchimp to send out their email campaigns, they needed a new approach to more quickly grow their email database. Voler and Rekko worked together to quickly implement Capture, Rekko’s email microconversion service . Using Capture’s ecommerce promo code functionality, Voler incentivized visitors to subscribe to their Mailchimp list with a one-time, 10% off coupon code. More importantly, Capture was configured to target visitors that Voler didn’t have an email address for, early in the website visit. Front-loading email address collection is a long-standing marketing best practice. Conversely, waiting for visitors to provide their email address later in the checkout process dramatically reduces the likelihood of capturing the address at all, effectively eliminating follow-on marketing, retargeting and shopping cart abandonment recovery opportunities.

One of Voler’s primary aims was to lower the cost of customer acquisitions by not having to continually pay to re-acquire visitors that abandon. Retailers with an industry average conversion rate of 3%, leave up to 97 out of 100 visitors untouched – most having to be reaquired through SEO, SEM, social and retargeting networks, if at all. That’s both incredibly expensive and inefficient. By capturing a visitor’s email upfront, Voler can reach directly into their visitor’s inbox at any time. Voler chose to target:


  • First-time visitors

  • Visitors they didn’t have an email address for


  • Repeat customers

  • Customers that had already been engaged by Capture

  • Visitors clicking through through an email newsletter

More importantly, targeting just these visitor segments helped avoid margin cannibalization by not offering discounts unnecessarily. Showing the Capture only once eased concerns about being overly aggressive.

“Our customers love our brand and we think long term in regards to new customer acquisition. Dynamically offering a one-time discount to new customers, for us, far outweighed the discount associated with acquiring that customer. We know they’ll love the quality & style of our products and know they’ll be back. Lifetime value is one of our most important metrics.”Aaron Barker, Marketing Manager

Technology Situation:

  • Traditionally, subscription forms have been limited to basic forms provided by ESPs, while more customizable and intelligent forms have been out of reach for most sites.

  • Designers and coders were needed to deliver anything beyond a basic email collection form.

  • Forms delivery options were limited to copying and pasting generic code on the pages the form should appear on, without easy ways to do intelligent and selective targeting for who, how and when visitors should be engaged.

  • Rekko’s tag-once implementation and step-by-step design wizard made it easy for Aaron and his team to customize the look and behavior of the form. All changes were immediately reflected without redeploying of any code which was very appealing to Aaron since a web designer was never needed.

  • Subscribers are automatically added to their  Mailchimp list through Mailchimp’s API.

  • For companies using a different ESP, Action URL support allows easy form post integration to add subscribers.


Results Part 1: Email Microconversion Campaign



How did the Capture email microconversion do?

Capture uses a highly visible sign up form and simply put, it gets our visitors’ attention. In fact, 17% of people targeted actually signed up, which led to over 1,400 people subscribed in the first two weeks the campaign went live.


Did the Capture campaign negatively impact store sales (conversion rates)?

No, quite the opposite, conversion rates overall were 38% higher for people that saw the Capture form.


What was the conversion rate for those that did fill out the email microconversion?

Over 8% of those visitors that filled out the form converted into paying customers during that same session. More came back and converted in subsequent sessions.


How did the discount affect average order value (AOV)?

No negative impact. AOV for those that received the campaign (not just those that signed up) was actually 6.4% better.


How did conversions of those that filled out the Capture form compare to the site’s overall conversion rate?

Conversions of subscribers were almost 4x higher than the site’s overall conversion rate.


Results Part 2: Echoing the Offer


In addition to the email microconversion, Voler used Rekko’s campaign echo functionality to reinforce the 10% off offer throughout the visit. Echoing is simple: it displays a dockable, customizable toolbar at the top or bottom of website pages that shows a custom message and the coupon code from the Capture campaign. Voler used it to remind visitors to use their 10% off coupon code on each page until checkout. Options are available to limit which pages the echo campaign is displayed, how often and whether to show the offer the next time the visitor comes back (assuming they haven’t purchased yet).

So how’d it do?

Excellent! The conversion rate for those visitors that saw the echo was 12.15%. That’s approximately a 50% improvement in conversions over the Capture campaign alone.



Echoing campaigns keep the call-to-action front and center but out of the way. Obviating the need for the visitor to write-down or remember the offer, echoing simply and smartly keeps the incentive handy, gently reminding the visitor it’s there and ready to be used.  The toolbar’s animation option that pushes the page down slightly, making it noticeable, without covering any valuable page real estate. In short, echoing is an effective and non-intrusive conversion marketing best practice. In our experience, increases of 30-50% are not uncommon.

Key Benefits of Email Microconversions:

  • Email microconversion campaigns enable marketers to capture significantly more email addresses and target visitors with intelligent profiling rules.

  • Real-time tracking options allow you to make changes and measure the effectiveness of the campaign 24/7

  • Easy integration with Mailchimp and other ESPs.

  • As indicated by the results, this campaign DOES NOT negatively site impact conversion rates.

  • Email microconversion campaigns,especially when combined with an echoing campaign, dramatically help increase sales conversions as well as lower the cost of customer acquisitions moving forward (ROAS – Return on Advertising Spend).

About Capture:

Capture enables marketers to create and deliver beautifully designed email collection forms to ‘capture’ more email addresses from the visitors on their website. Capture does this by delivering a fully customizable email subscription form with just a few lines of JavaScript and a customization panel that takes, on average, 53 seconds to complete. Capture supports sophisticated, customizable rules that govern who receives the engagement, how it’s delivered, and among other things, real-time analytics and goal tracking. The end result: customers dramatically increase their email subscription rates, conversion rates, and the overall effectiveness of their email marketing. Best of all, Capture often obviates the need for IT resources, graphic designers and expensive to develop squeeze pages, Capture currently integrates with Mailchimp and many other email service providers.