Best Practices Campaigns for Onsite Marketing
July 28, 2015
Rekko and Email Service Provider Integration
July 30, 2015

10 Reasons Email Capture is Important

Build out your email Microconversions

Email marketing is still one of the most effective tools in a marketer’s arsenal – especially so when combined with some simple best practices. Contrary to claims of a premature retirement, the truth remains that the inbox is still the Boardwalk and Park Place of online marketing real estate and the best way to reach an attentive audience. It’s still more cost effective on a ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) basis than all other types of marketing, including: search engine marketing, social, TV/radio, banner ads, etc.

Stop looking only at Macroconversions

Macro conversions are the sexy metrics in the Kingdom of KPIs – they signal a sale or a hot lead for B2B companies and get all the attention. Micro conversions are just as important and are more often overlooked. They’re the goals or events that have to happen along the way to that successful sale. If you’re too focused on macro conversions, you might be missing the steps that occur along the way and how they influence getting that macro conversion.

They’re screaming, “Hey I’m one of your best prospects!”

Visitors that submit their email address are self-selecting themselves as some of the best prospects on your site and are more likely to be receptive to your marketing. They’re interested, and they’ve told you so. Do something about it.

You can’t retarget without the email…

It’s simple, if you want to retarget abandoners via email or even Facebook, you’re going need to get that email address. Sixty to seventy percent of all people that add an item to cart don’t come back and purchase. Ever. That’s a lot of money going down the drain without giving yourself a second chance to convert those abandoners into customers.

Follow the leader

The road has been paved by the Web’s top performing sites. From leaders like Amazon, to West Elm, to Crate and Barrel, they recognize email micro conversions as ingredient number one in any successful online marketing recipe. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, Amazon tests everything, and does more of the stuff that works. Emulating a successful strategy by market leaders is just common sense.

Traffic is expensive

Retargeting customers through drip campaigns (auto-responders), your email newsletter or other communications to drive them back to your site costs significantly less than paying Google for new visits that just don’t convert as well. Every click, every site visit is a costly marketing investment, so why not give yourself some options beyond just the primary conversion and that first visit?

Market when they’re ready

If you have a 3% conversion rate, 97% of your visitors aren’t converting. While there are a lots of reasons for that, you can improve your chances for more conversions by extending your marketing window. Continue your marketing through email until they’re “ready” to convert. Email micro conversions give you more “at-bats” and help you push them through the sales cycle.

Anonymous no more

Rekko tracks all the activity on your site and stores this as part of a biography for each visitor. When an email micro conversion happens, Rekko attaches the email to this biography and enables you to leverage this rich data – rich data that was previously anonymous. Personalize and target visitors with precision, whether they’re onsite or off and make your marketing all that much better.

Now that you have the email, send email more intelligently

The fight for the inbox is on. Protecting and nurturing your email reputation is crucial for deliverability and the success of your email marketing efforts. Sending emails to your best prospects is Rekko’s bread and butter. While most ESPs only have the most basic of email segmentation capabilities (like click-throughs or opens), Rekko’s email campaigns allow you to leverage all the rich behavioral data Rekko collects. Would you like to send emails only to those people that have clicked-through on an email campaign in the past and have been on the site in the last month but haven’t purchased yet? It’s cake with Rekko. The best way to improve deliverability is to send emails to the customers that are most engaged. Having a unified marketing system that integrates email campaigns with onsite behavioral data is a necessity if you want to be competitive moving forward.

Think beyond the initial sale

Micro conversions lead to more sales. Period. However, every new sale, especially in a properly oiled marketing machine could and should lead to more than just one sale. Thinking beyond the initial sale means considering the lifetime value of each customer. Use email campaigns before and after the sale to not only encourage follow on sales, but to also help spread your message virally. This makes one sale, two, and two more, four. Successful campaigns are always intricately intertwined and that’s what separates the big boys from those that want to be.