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July 23, 2015
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July 29, 2015

Rekko’s Best Practices Campaigns

There are so many possibilities when it comes to using Rekko. You can create campaigns that target everyone on your site to targeting just a small segment in your geographical area. Some users know exactly what they want to do when they start using our software, but some users have no idea where to begin. If you fit in with the latter, or if you just want some ideas, we’ve written this article for you.

Below, we’ve laid out a list of our best practices campaigns. Each campaign can easily be created in Rekko!

Email Capture Form

Email Capture Form on

Email Capture Form on

Collecting email addresses should be at the top of every marketer’s to-do list. Use Rekko’s Email Capture Form to increase your email subscriber list, and make campaigns like cart recovery, email up-sell/cross-sell, etc. simpler.

  • Who are we targeting?: Visitors whose email addresses are not yet in the Rekko database.
  • What are we delivering?: An email capture form that collects email addresses (first and last name collection is also available). While not necessary, even a small incentive will help boost the number of sign ups.
  • What is the goal of this campaign?: To build up your email subscriber list by increasing micro-conversions.
  • Shopping Cart Intervention

    Targeting the lowest hanging fruit is the easiest way to increase conversions. What is it for most sites? The shopping cart. Target shoppers who have a high propensity to abandon, and nab them while they teeter on the edge in your cart page.

  • Who are we targeting?: Visitors who show a propensity to abandon their shopping cart. Generally, Rekko profiles this based on time on cart page.
  • What are we delivering?: An intervention type creative (pop-on, toolbar, or interstitial) that incentivizes the shopper to complete their order in their current session.
  • What is the goal of this campaign?: To minimize abandonment rates and increase conversions.
  • Shopping Cart Recovery Email

    For those visitors who still manage to abandon even after receiving a Shopping Cart Intervention, there’s always the tried-and-true Cart Recovery Email. Email visitors who abandoned their carts and open up a channel for them to return to finish their order.

  • Who are we targeting?: Visitors who abandon a shopping cart. You can use Rekko’s extensive profiling engine to further segment users to create more personalized email campaigns.
  • What are we delivering?: An email that can display what the visitor abandoned, offers an incentive to complete their order, and/or opens up a channel for them to return.
  • What is the goal of this campaign?: To recover abandon shopping carts and increase conversions.
  • Echo Message Campaign

    If you’re offering an incentive to visitors for signing up on the Email Capture Form, clicking through an email, or even qualifying them for a cart intervention, you’ll want to make sure they don’t forget about the incentive or the code associated with it. Make it simple for a shopper to checkout with their offer and you’ll see your conversions grow.

  • Who are we targeting?: Visitors who received and/or interacted with a campaign (either onsite or via email). For example, visitors who sign up on an Email Capture form for 10% off, or visitors who came back to the site from an email.
  • What are we delivering?: A toolbar campaign that reminds the visitor of the incentive as well as the code. The toolbar will be persistent throughout the session until checkout.
  • What is the goal of this campaign?: To increase conversions.
  • Workflow : After a visitor fills out the capture form, they can be given a coupon code. That coupon code can then be “echoed” throughout the session as shown in the example below.
  • Post-Purchase Email

    What happens after a visitor completes a purchase? You certainly want them to return and buy more in the future. Deliver a post purchase email to visitors who complete orders on your site. Display Product Recommendations, offer incentives for loyalty, or ask for reviews.

  • Who are we targeting?: Visitors who complete their purchases on your website.
  • What are we delivering?: An email(s) that is geared toward continuing purchases and interaction. It may display product recommendations, incentives for future purchases, or ask to come back and review.
  • What is the goal of this campaign?: To increase customer lifetime value and conversions.
  • Top Selling Product Grid

    About 70% of your visitors are landing on your homepage or top landing pages. When they click through from search engines, they’re often looking for something in particular. Display a Top Selling Products grid aimed at showing top sellers in the category of their interest.

  • Who are we targeting?: Visitors on the homepage or landing pages. Site referrer option available.
  • What are we delivering?: A Top Selling Products grid that can display up to 32 products based on one of three algorithms. Customize the grid by category(ies) and date range, too.
  • What is the goal of this campaign?: To increase time spent on site and conversions.
  • Product Recommendation Grid

    Amazon does a great job of promoting products that their customers might also be interested in, and now there’s nothing stopping you from being just as good. Use Rekko to recommend products based on one of four algorithms.

  • Who are we targeting?: Visitors on product pages, cart page, or in emails.
  • What are we delivering?: A Product Recommendations Grid in the form of an inline creative on the website or via email to maintain a channel between you and the shopper.
  • What is the goal of this campaign?: To increase conversions and AOV.