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July 30, 2015
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August 6, 2015

Boost Conversion Rate By Echoing Offer

Echo is a Rekko best-practice campaign that does exactly what the name suggests. Any offer/message delivered by a Rekko campaign or any other marketing campaign can be echoed. If a user subscribed to your newsletter list and in exchange you gave them a “free shipping” promo code, Rekko can echo that promo code during that visit to make sure it’s available for them to use. I mean really, who doesn’t like to save money. If I was reminded on every page that I was going to get free shipping or some kind of discount, I would feel almost obligated to buy something!

We discovered echoing while working with our early adopters. They wanted a way to increase the conversion rate of their Abandonment Email campaign. The industry average conversion rate for abandonment email campaigns is somewhere between 10% – 15%. This is by no means bad but for every $100 of abandoned revenue, you can expect to recover $15. It’s better than nothing but certainly not a conversion rate worth bragging about. In addition to abandonment emails, echoing works well for other types of Rekko campaigns like email capture, shopping cart intervention, keyword search optimization and referrer. Echo campaigns are not restricted to only echo other Rekko campaigns. Any online marketing campaign, can benefit from a Rekko echo campaign.

Here are some different samples of echo messages in action:

Inline Echo for Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Campaign

Mailchimp Integration in the Email Capture Form

Email Capture Echo Campaign using Toolbar

Email Capture Echo Campaign using Toolbar

Will this really improve my conversion rate?

For such a simple campaign, we have seen conversion rates upwards of 60% – 70% for shopping cart abandonment email campaigns when paired with a Rekko echo campaign. That’s a 367% conversion rate increase! It’s easy to understand why it works so well. Using the shopping cart abandonment email campaign as an example, lets say you offered visitors that abandoned their carts the opportunity to save 15% off their order if they clicked-through from the email back to the site. Once they arrive back at the site, visitors are normally left to rebuild their cart and complete their purchase.

When an echo campaign is created, the experience is much different when they arrive back at the site. Rekko allows you to present users with the exact message, offer and code originally presented in the email. The echo can be presented on all pages leading up to and including the page where promo code is inserted. A simple echo of your offer/message can easily increase your conversion rate. A gentle reminder of the coupon that you were given that follows you through your return site visit. Consider the alternative. Write down the promo code before going to the site, open the email once ready to purchase or re-build the cart you abandoned the first time without your promo code. Anything you (as the marketer) can do to make your visitor experience more seamless is important. Especially when it comes to echo campaigns since they are so incredibly easy to create.

Setup an Echo Campaign in just a few steps

Step 1. Who will receive it

Configure Profile Settings

Configure Profile Settings.

  • Deliver to new visitors, repeat visitors or current customers.
  • You can deliver to users that are coming to your site from a specific search engine (Bing, Yahoo, Google).
  • You can deliver to visitors that have received or accepted (impression vs. click) and engagement or campaign in this session or any recorded Rekko session.
Configure Advanced Settings

Configure Advanced Settings.

  • Exclude visitors that have reached a certain page. You can define this by using entire URL or a wildcard (e.g. *cart* will match any page with the word cart in it.
  • Similar to all Rekko designer campaigns, we provide the ability to receive a daily email that reports on KPI’s (revenue, goals, conversion rate, etc.) that matter most.
  • Exclude visitors that have received or accepted (impression vs. click) and engagement or campaign in this session or any recorded Rekko session.
  • Free Rekko accounts include an embossed Rekko logo that will lead visitors back to our site. This option can be turned off for paid customers though we think everyone should keep it on!
Configure Delivery Options

Configure Delivery Options.

  • Restrict echo delivery to specific pages. The page can be defined using the entire URL or a wildcard.
  • Continue delivering echo on subsequent pages in same session. For example if it delivers when visitor lands on the home page, it will deliver on each page after that. You can stop deliveries once visitor reaches a specific page (e.g. confirmation or receipt page).
  • You can deliver campaign on subsequent sessions and stop delivering the campaign once user reaches a specific page.
  • If you choose to stop delivering after reaching a specific page, this is where you would insert either the full URL or a portion of the URL by using a wildcard.
Configure the goal of your campaign

Configure the goal of your campaign.

How do you want to measure the success of your campaign. choose from a number of options built into the designer

  • Clicked means they filled out or submitted the form.
  • Submitted and purchased in the same session.
  • They completed a purchase but did not submit form
  • They purchased using a specific promo code
  • Visitor reached a specific URL. You can insert full URL or a wildcard
  • If you have a goal you created outside of the designer, you can load that through the dropdown
  • This checkbox will automatically send an email every time a visitor accomplishes the goal you select.

Step 2. What will it look like and what will it say

Design your echo toolbar

Design your echo toolbar

    • Choose the color of the bar and border using the selector or insert the Hex/RGB number to match the look and feel of your site.
    • Content/Message can be modified by clicking on the bar. After clicking on the bar, a WYSIWYG editor opens so you can insert any HTML you would like.
    • There is an additional delivery option dropdown that will allow you to drill down even further.  Deliver to the following visitors:
      • All Visitors (or as limited by General Settings)
      • A URL String Match (useful for UTML codes)
      • A Rekko campaign that was delivered to visitor
      • A Rekko campaign that was accepted (clicked on) by visitor
      • A Rekko creative/variant that was delivered to visitor
      • A Rekko creative/variant that was accepted (clicked on) by visitor
    • Define delivery location of echo

      Define delivery location of echo

          • Select whether you want the echo toolbar to deliver at the top or bottom of the page
          • Select how the toolbar should interact with your site
            • Pushes the page down
            • Stays at the top of the page
            • Covers page content
            • Stays at the bottom of the page
          • Select the width of the echo toolbar. Use percentage or number of pixels. If toolbar is less than full width, you can adjust the alignment (left, center, right) and offset in number of pixels
          • Define toolbar height. The default height is 45 pixels.
          • Allow the visitor to close/open the toolbar
          • Set a timer for Rekko to automatically open/close the toolbar

          Step 3. Launch it!

          You are done! Lets get started!

          You are done! Lets get started!

          You are done! You have a couple options her. Save the campaign as a draft if you want to make more changes . If you are happy with campaign but not ready to launch it, simply save the campaign. However, if you are happy and ready to go, you can simply Save and Launch campaign.

          Echoing is something unique to Rekko and has quickly become a best practice for all clients we work with. An abandonment email by itself has a conversion rate between 10% and 15%. By adding a Rekko echo campaign to reinforce the abandonment message/offer, we have seen conversion rates between 65% – 165%. Not a bad return for a campaign that takes less than 5 minutes of your time to create and launch. Check out Jessica’s short video on how to create an echo campaign.

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