Can I schedule a campaign to deliver on certain days, times, or timeframe?
June 25, 2015
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June 29, 2015

Can I profile based on products added to cart?

Assuming that you’ve tagged your website’s shopping cart to pass Rekko product information, you can certainly target visitors based on what they’ve added to their shopping cart.

If you need to tag your shopping cart to pass cart information, check out the instructions here.

Using Profiles in Web (Manual) Campaigns

In your Web (Manual) Campaign, add a new profile to your Target section and select Create New Profile.

Drag and drop the Shopping Cart Activity profile into the table, and then scroll down select the option for Added Products. Now, just enter the SKU for the product you want to target. For multiple SKUs, add more fields and make sure to change the aggregate to Matches ANY.

What will this profile accomplish? If visitors add specific products to their shopping cart, you’ll be able to deliver a campaign to them as soon as Rekko is passed this info. Normally, this will be on the shopping cart page itself where the tags are usually found. You can certainly pass the tags to Rekko on the rest of the site if needed.