How do I target specific pages on my website?
June 23, 2015
Rekko Tagging Instructions
June 23, 2015

Can I target different Geo Locations?

Certainly! Target visitors based on where they’re coming from in the world – city, state, country, even postal code! Group them to have profiles that cover many areas, or make them super specific based on your needs.

Using Profiles in Web (Manual) Campaigns

Using the Web (Manual) Campaign editor allows you to be incredibly flexible when it comes to targeting visitors on their Geo Location. Under the “Target” section of your campaign editor, click the Add button and Create New Profile. Drag and drop the Demographic Filter over, then scroll down to use Geography.

For a single profile that targets multiple locations, just click the Add button. Make sure that the aggregation under your Geography criteria is set to Matches ANY.

Geo Location in Content Delivery Wizard

Targeting Geo Location in the Content Delivery Wizard is simple. Under the Visitor Segmentation step, just click on Geography and specify the locations you wish to target.