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September 3, 2015
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September 15, 2015

Creating Delays and Timers for Popups

Delivering a popup or campaign immediately can sometimes be a pain. For example, you’d like to give away 5% off to your visitors, but only if they actually stick around and show interest in what they’re looking at. Some businesses can afford to give away a big promotion to everyone, all the time; but we know that some folks would like to be selective or just keep close tabs on the promotions they display.

In comes Rekko.

You actually have several different ways to time your popups and campaigns. We’ll go through each method, and you’ll see that it’s simple to apply for whatever online campaign you’d like to run.

Note that Rekko’s campaigns do not split test by timing (or profiles), just the creative. So you won’t be able to test if a campaign does better displaying after 10 seconds vs 30 seconds.

Delay Timers Using Profiles

Create a new profile and use the element called Visit Time. You can simply drag and drop this into the table to start customizing your options. You can delay the delivery of your campaign by selecting one of, or a combination of, the three option.

Delay Timers Using Email Capture

Delaying the delivery of your Email Capture Form is as easy as a click of a button – because that’s all there is too it! In your settings (the first step), just choose to delay the delivery and then input the delay time in seconds.


Hide Timers Using Toolbars and Interstitial

A few of Rekko’s creative variant types have auto-close timers. So you can certainly delay their delivery, and then have them close after some time as well! This option is available and built in to Toolbars and Interstitial. Using Javascript, you may have creatives auto-close with other creative types too.

Rekko also has an expanding banner feature. The banner has a contracted version and an expanded version for you to customize. In this creative variant type, you can set it to auto-expand and auto-contract – great for capturing the attention of your visitors while conserving precious real-estate on your website.