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August 18, 2015
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September 2, 2015

Interstitials are perfect for grabbing visitor attention!

The most common form of drip marketing is email marketing. This form of drip marketing has a few basic components. Qualification for a drip marketing campaign is typically based on a specific behavior or status of the recipient and this is known as a profile in the Rekko system.

Once the target recipient is identified, the messages or emails are prepared for delivery in a specific order to the recipient based on a set schedule that you determine.

In the Rekko system, this is known as Real-Time Messaging and it can be used for lead generation and sales. When used for lead generation, a drip email series can be delivered to visitors that subscribed to an email capture form to get them engaged and shopping your site. As a sales tool, it can be used to drive repeat sales, abandoned carts or long sales-cycles.

How do I create a Real-Time Messaging Drip Email Campaign

The first step is to create a profile. What behavior or status will be used to qualify visitors to receive your drip email campaign? Did they submit a form, complete a purchase, add a certain product to cart, browser specific pages? These are all real-time behaviors and something that happened during the current visit.

Target segment for drip email marketing campaign

Target segment for drip email marketing campaign

The Rekko profile is presented in a sentence format to make it easy to create. The image below is targeting all visitors with carts greater than $0. Multiple profiles can be added depending on the segment you want to target. Once the target profile has been identified, now you can create the email(s) that will be sent to those visitors.

Create email for drip email marketing campaign

Create email for drip email marketing campaign

Emails can be loaded from the library or created from scratch. To create a new email, click on the “add email variation” button and select “create new email.” This will open a new modal window where you can insert your email HTML. You can also configure the from, from name, reply to and Subject of your email. As with all Rekko content types, you can inject dynamic data like personalization (first and last name), cart items (great for abandoned cart emails), product recommendation and top-seller grids by using merge tags.

  • Read more about Rekko merge tags here.>/a>
  • Read more about product recommendations here.>/a>
  • Read more about top-seller product recommendations here.>/a>
  • Email variations for drip email marketing campaign

    Email variations for drip email marketing campaign

  • COMET is Rekko’s auto-optimizing feature that will automatically deliver the more effective email based on the goal that you define as success.
  • Real-Time messaging (drip email marketing campaigns) are by default set to deliver immediately after visitor matches the target segment. You also have the ability to set delivery time by clicking on the blue text link. This will open a popon where you can select from immediate, offset or absolute date.
  • You can test multiple variations of your email by clicking on the blue “Add an email variation” button.
  • Multiple mailings for drip email marketing

    Multiple mailings for drip email marketing

  • By definition drip email marketing is an automated set of emails. There’s no limit to how many emails you have in your drip email marketing campaign. As you can see from the above image, there are 3 emails in this drip campaign.
  • Emails are delivered according to a schedule you define. The delivery time can be set for each individual mailing. For example, you can deliver 3 emails in your drip and deliver them at 1 day, 3 days and 5 days.
  • Define Goal Success of Drip Email Marketing campaign

    Define Goal Success of Drip Email Marketing campaign

    As with all Rekko campaigns, goals and auto-optimization are important parts when creating the campaign. Campaign goals and campaign optimization don’t have to be different and often are identical.