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September 15, 2015
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November 2, 2015

Charley Email Marketing Videos

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Getting Started with your Rekko Mail Account

Watch a somewhat quick video on how to get started with your Rekko Mail account after you sign up.

Switching to Rekko from Mailchimp

It’s so simple! Watch how you can switch over any Mailchimp list to Rekko. It’s so easy that you have no excuses.

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Create a Signup Form for your Rekko Email List

After creating your mailing list, you can start gathering subscribers in just a couple of steps with our built in signup forms.

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Building your first Rekko Email List

See how easy it is to build a mailing list in Rekko.

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Using the Smart List Builder

Paired with Rekko’s tracking pixel, you can use the Smart List Builder to create mailing lists filtered by visitor behavior on your website.

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Creating Your First Email Blast Mailing

Watch how you can send out your first email blast. In just one page, set up and sending can be done in a jiffy.

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Send in an Email Template anywhere you’re at

Getting email creatives into Rekko is easy. Just email it!

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Create an Email Campaign Anywhere You’re at – even if you’re not logged in

Sending out an email blast campaign is simple when you can do it from our own inbox! See how easy it is in this quick video.

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Use Recycler Campaigns to Re-Target Recipients who didn’t Open

Email clutter is real. Use Recycler to easily and automatically re-target email recipients who didn’t open your email.

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Exporting Visitors from Rekko

Exporting visitors from your subscription lists and from Rekko is easy. See how it’s done.

Using Rekko’s Email Capture Form Wizard

Create an email capture form that appears as a modal on your site in mere minutes!

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Send a Thank You email to folks who subscribe

It’s always polite to say “thank you,” so make sure you trigger an email to subscribers using Rekko’s Transactional Email campaign.

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