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May 4, 2015
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May 4, 2015

Creating Test Profiles

There are several ways you can test your campaigns so that only you and your team view them.

Testing with Page URLs

In both wizard campaigns and Web Manual campaigns, you’ll be able to test using just the URL. In wizard campaigns, you just need to designate a URL for where you want the campaign to deliver. It can be a specific URL that only you and your team can access, or it can be something that you just append to the end of any URL.

For example, you can type into the fields: *source=testing*

Since we’re using wildcards (*), Rekko will be looking for any URL that contains the string: source=testing. It doesn’t matter what comes before or after, so long as it’s there, it’ll be targeted.

Specifying a Test Page in Email Capture

Specifying a Test Page in Email Capture

In Web Manual Campaigns, you can use the Site Activity Profile to specify a test page or just use the On These Pages section of the Advanced Settings Option.

If you have other profiles while you’re testing, make sure you’re fulfilling those segments too or else you won’t receive the campaign.

Specifying a Test Page in Web Manual Campaign

Specifying a Test Page in Web Manual Campaign

IP Test Profiles in Web Manual Campaigns

You can also set up a Test Profile using your IP Address. This method can only be used in Web Manual Campaigns.

  1. Create a new profile under Target.
  2. Drag and Drop Demographic Filter into the table.
  3. Select the Criteria for IP Address and enter you address(es). If adding multiple, make sure to switch the aggregate under IP Address to Matches Any.
  4. Click Add Profile in the lower right side of the modal, then name and save your profile.

If you’re not sure of your IP address, you can just type “what is my IP” into Google.