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June 23, 2015
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June 25, 2015

How do I send a Thank You email to people who submit their emails?

Using Rekko’s Transactional Email Campaign, you can put to use those great manners your parents taught you and send a thank you email to folks who sign up on your Rekko Email Capture form.

Watch the Quick How-To video, or read on below:

From the main menu, you can select Campaign which opens a drop down. Choose Create a New Campaign and from the new screen, choose Transactional Email. This will open the Transactional Email wizard for you.

The first step will determine what kind of campaign this will be. Choose the second to last option under Target to target visitors who’ve submitted to a specific campaign in the current session.

Transactional_Email_Campaign_Wizard 2

The Design Step is where you input your email’s design. Create a simple plain text email, or get fancy with HTML and CSS.

Use the Preview and Send Test Email buttons to make sure the emails look the way you want.

Once you’re satisfied, you can move onto the last step of just confirming your work.