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August 12, 2015
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August 17, 2015

How to Link back to a Visitor’s Unique Shopping Cart

One of Rekko’s most popular and most successful campaigns is the Shopping Cart Recovery Email. These campaigns target visitors who add to cart and then abandon the website without purchasing. Often, these emails will contain a call-to-action back to the shopping cart.

Clicking through the emails is normally not a problem if the visitor is using the same browser/computer as the one they used to shop on your site – especially if your cart holds onto the items for some time. That means they’ll be able to see what they left behind when they click through the email.

What happens, though, if the visitor clicks through the email on another computer or on a mobile device? It’s likely when they get back to your site they may see an empty cart. This makes for a major disconnect for the visitor and may even turn some people off.

Of course, Rekko can help! If your shopping cart has a unique ID, you can pass it as a custom profile to Rekko then use merge tags to link shoppers back to their unique shopping cart. If the visitor clicks through their email from any platform, they’ll be directed back to the cart you have saved for them.

For example: If you pass your shopping cart ID as a custom profile called “CART_ID”, you can use the merge tag: {{VISITOR:CART_ID}}. This will pull whatever value Rekko has for that visitor’s CART_ID and populate it wherever the merge tag is used, like:{{VISITOR:CART_ID}}.

Read more about merge tags here.