Rekko Timeline: Your Website’s Activity Feed
August 11, 2015
Can I use my Google Analytics UTM codes in Rekko Campaigns?
August 12, 2015

How to use a URL tracking code in Rekko

You can use the question mark symbol (?) at the end of the URL to create your own tracking code for uses within Rekko. For example, you’d like to track visitors who click through a particular email giving 20% Off. In the HTML of your email, just make sure you add the same source tag to all the links.

» Example 1:

» Example 2:

So what can you do with these newly added source tags? Rekko offers ways to target visitors based on which URL they’re currently viewing via Profiles. Use a Site Activity Profile -> Current Page to target visitors who are on any URL containing the source tag “source=rekkoemail20p” by using wildcards. This will allow you to deliver campaigns to specific visitors coming from that email or even any campaign with a source tag attached.

Read more about wild cards here.