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August 12, 2015
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Interstitials are perfect for grabbing visitor attention!

The Interstitial is a Rekko prebuilt widget that originated in the world of advertising. By definition, it is a web page or an overlay that sits between two pages. It is often referred to as a bounce (or spam) page because it causes people to leave or bounce from a website. Often times, the message delivered in the interstitial has no relevance to the site you are visiting.

It is still used today on article-driven sites like Forbes. Here’s a couple screenshots to illustrate. From a blank browser, I entered into my browser and hit enter. Before even showing me the Forbes home page, I am given an interstitial. Included in the main section of the page is a quote and an advertising banner for Jeep accessories (yes, I own a jeep). There is a link at the top right that allows you to continue to the site. Sometimes there is a countdown timer that will take you there automatically.

Interstitial delivered after navigating to

Interstitial delivered after navigating to home page home page

It’s easy to see why people would bounce from such a page but the one thing that is missing is relevance. Advertising for Jeep accessories has nothing to do with me reading an article on Used in the proper context and delivered to visitors that would benefit from it will add that necessary relevance.

How do I create an interstitial?

The interstitial is very easy to create.

Configuration for Interstitial

Configuration for Interstitial

First step is to decide the delivery behavior of the interstitial. All interstitials will include a button on the right side of the overlay that allows the visitor to continue to the original page they were navigating to. There is also an auto-close option that, when activated, will display a countdown timer that you can customize. Once the timer runs out, it will deliver visitor to original page they were navigating to.

Second step is your code. Simply insert your code into the appropriate tab – HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The HTML editor provides you access to our merge tags that will allow you to add personalization, recommendation grids, and other dynamic elements that can be inserted via Rekko merge tags.

For more information on merge tags, reference the KB article – Website Personalization Using Rekko Merge Tags