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August 10, 2015
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Rekko Timeline


When you want to know how your friends are doing, you’d go to Facebook, Instagram, or one of the many social media apps. If you want to know what’s been going on on your website, you can view Rekko Timeline – it’s like a Facebook just for your website.

Rekko Timeline displays an activity feed with real-time updates on visitors who purchase, abandon a shopping cart, interact with your campaigns, and fulfill campaign goals. Each activity card provides you with the visitor’s info (name and email address if available), location, and relevant information for the feed – for example; you can see exactly which items might be in a visitor’s abandoned shopping cart when they abandoned.

New Skitch

If you click on the visitor’s info on their card, you can also see their Visitor Record. A Visitor Record is displays all of the information Rekko has on that particular visitor including first and last name, email address, and location.

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A Visitor Record contains five tabs:

  • Visitor Info: This is where you see if the visitor matches any custom profiles you’ve created. You’ll also see whether or not they’re opted out from emails and their IP address.
  • Current Profile Matches: This displays the profiles matched for the visitor’s latest session. Only profiles that are saved in the Library will be displayed.
  • Engagement Statistics: This displays a history of the engagements the visitor received and may have interacted with. An engagement, as a reminder, is the creative within a campaign. If a campaign has multiple engagements (like an A/B test), you may see that the visitor receives one version but not the other.
  • Session Data: This displays a list of sessions for a visitor. If the visitor has multiple sessions on your site, you’ll see multiple logs with the timestamps. Double click on a log and more information will appear below displaying which pages were viewed in that particular sessions.
  • Shopping Cart: This displays the visitor’s shopping carts. Similar to the Session Data tab, each time a new cart is made or refreshed, a new log is created in this tab. You’ll see if the cart was purchased (true or false), if a promo code as applied, and if you double-click, you’ll see the items within the cart.
  • Rekko Timeline also displays your favorited (starred) campaigns on the left of the activity feed, and a real-time ticker to the right of the feed. To favorite, or star, a campaign, just go to your Campaign Detail page after it’s created. There will be a an empty star you can click below the campaign name.