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May 4, 2015

Setting Up a Product Feed

Importing a Product Feed to Rekko not only allows you to utilize the Recommendations, but it will give you an even more visually appealing experience. With the Product Feed imported, you will be able to see exactly what visitors are purchasing and abandoning right in your Dashboard.

Columns in the Product Feed should follow the order listed below. Please note that all fields are optional except for SKU. The Product Feed must be in a CSV format.

If you intend to leave a column blank and you’re working in an editor like Microsoft Excel, you can just omit the column.

Here is a list of the column headers you can include in your feed:

  • product_id
  • product_name
  • description
  • product_category
  • product_link
  • price
  • sale_price
  • quantity
  • brand
  • grid_image_link
  • feature_image_link
  • rating

Which fields do I need to have in order to use Product Recommendations?

Sku (always needed), image, price, link, and name are necessary if you wish to utilize Rekko’s recommendation features. If we do not have these basic fields, we won’t be able to display products in your grids.

If you are utilizing the Minimum Quantity Inventory Filter on your grid, you’ll need to make sure you include the Quantity field as well.

Can I have more than one category in the product_category column?

Yes! Simply separate each category with a comma. When you export your file as CSV, be sure that each column is surrounded in quotes.

My file is large, can I still upload it?

You’ll be able to upload files up to 25MB. For large files, you’ll want to split them and upload them one at a time.

How do I input my ratings?

The ratings column is out of 100. If your rating system is out of five stars, simply multiply those ratings by 20 when entering them into the column.

How do I upload my product feed?

In order to upload your product feed, go to Settings found in the upper right hand corner of your account dashboard, go to Preferences, and choose Product Catalog.

From here, you’ll have two options: Setup Automated Catalog Import or Upload Your Product Catalog CSV File

Setup Automated Catalog Import
This option allows you to input a URL where Rekko can grab the product feed file each night and update your products. This is great if your business needs to keep updating the products.

Upload Your Product Catalog CSV File
This option allows you to upload the CSV file from your computer. It’ll let you know how many products were successfully imported and if there were any errors.