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November 16, 2015
Create an Email Campaign Anywhere You’re at – even if you’re not logged in
December 4, 2015

Creating a Subscription Form

Creating a subscription form for your new mailing list in Rekko is simple. In a few short steps, you can start gathering email addresses for a specific mailing lists!

Read on below to see how you can customize your signup form.

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1. Inside your mailing list, you’ll see an option for Signup Form. Clicking on it will open up a modal that allows you to customize the form and the success message.

2. On Customize the Form, there are two options:

Double opt-in: By default, this setting is turned on. It makes your sign up a two step process; i.e. visitors sign up on your form, then we deliver an email that asks them to validate their email address. Once the visitor clicks through, they’re good to go!

You also have the option to choose which email is delivered when asking for email validation. You can use Rekko’s default email template, or customize your own validation email.

Fields to Collect: You can choose to ask your subscribers to enter just their email address, OR their email address, first name, and last name.

3. You’ll also notice some HTML and a Copy/Paste button. This HTML is automatically generated based on the options above. While the text area is not editable, you can certainly copy and paste the code into an editor or on your site. Add your own custom fields to collect additional information from your subscribers – Rekko will collect it too as custom fields!

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4. The Success Message is what subscribers will see after filling out the form. Here, you have two options: a default message or a page redirect.

Default Message: You can actually customize this message a bit too! Use the text area to modify what you’d like the message to say. If you’re using double opt-in, you might even want to mention to your subscribers that they should check their emails.

Redirect to a URL: If there’s a page on your site made specifically to thank the subscriber for signing up, you can use this option to redirect them to the URL upon submission.

Customize your page to pull the information we collect and thank your subscriber in style. When subscribers submit their information and you redirect them to a URL on your site, Rekko will pass you the email address (and first and last name if available) in the URL.

Did you know you can also create Email Capture forms in Rekko? Using a simple wizard, you can make a beautiful pop-on asking for an email address, and have that information go directly to one of your Rekko lists!

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