How to Link back to a Visitor’s Unique Shopping Cart
August 12, 2015
Using Top Selling Products in Rekko
August 18, 2015

Using Product Recommendations in Rekko

Rekko offers both Product Recommendations and Top Selling Product grids for your website. Read more about Top Selling Product grids here.

Product Recommendations are just that – all you need to do is make sure your website is tagged to pass Rekko product information on product pages and cart pages, and upload a product feed to Rekko. With those two in place, you can start displaying products based on visitor behavior. Even better, as you continue to use Rekko, the results continuously improve!

For Rekko tagging, click here.

Here are the algorithms you can choose from:

  • People who viewed this product frequently viewed these
  • These products are often purchased with this product
  • People who added these items to cart often added these items
  • People who looked at this item purchased these items
  • Settings Explained

    Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 3.31.56 PM

  • Type of Grid: This is where you choose the algorithm (listed above) for your grid. This is the primary algorithm used when Rekko looks for products to display.
  • Grid Design: Your grid can go up to 32 cells. Play with the number of columns and rows until you’re satisfied with how it appears. You can see the preview changing in real-time as you update this setting.
  • Backfill Empty Cells: This allows you to pick back up algorithm(s) to your primary choice in “Type of Grid.” If there aren’t enough products to display with the primary algorithm you’ve chosen, you can choose back ups here.
  • Minimum Inventory Filter: This allows you to make sure you’re only displaying products that are well stocked. This setting corresponds to the quantity column in your product feed. If you auto-update this nightly, it could be a useful setting for you.
  • Allow Grid Delivery with Empty Cells: This setting allows you to continue to display the grid even if all the cells aren’t populated with products. Instead of displaying blank boxes, though, it will just remove the empty cells and display however many products it does have.
  • Grid Title: This is where you input the title for your grid, like: “Products You’ll Also Love…” You can see the title update in the preview below.
  • Customizing your Grid

    You can customize the look and feel of your Product Recommendations grid to match your website. Rekko offers flexibility with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

  • Cell: Customize the different elements displayed in your grid in this tab. You can add or remove the merge tags for the product info you’d like to show your customers in the grid. Historically, clients never really needed to modify this part, so it’s optional and here if you really need it.
  • CSS: This is how you can really customize the look of your grid. Modify fonts, colors, and sizes here.
  • Javascript: An additional way to modify your grid.
  • Displaying Your Grids on Your Site

    After you’ve created your Product Recommendations grid, you’ll be able to set the delivery options for how it’s displayed on your website. The most common method of delivery is inline via Div ID or WYSIWYG Editor. For the Div ID route, you just need to make sure you have a spot on your site ready to have content inserted. For the WYSIWYG Editor, just input the URL of the page you wish for the grid to be displayed on. When you click Load URL, a modal with the page will appear and you’ll then be able to highlight an area on your page and insert or replace content with the grid.

    Displaying Your Grids in Your Emails

    In order to display your grid in your email, you’ll need to make sure you create the grid first. Once that’s finished, you’ll be able to insert the grid via merge tag. A merge tag is created for each grid – it allows you to insert the content easily into your HTML.