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December 11, 2015
Switching to Rekko from Mailchimp
December 21, 2015

Using Rekko’s Email Capture Form Campaign

While your Mailing Lists have their own subscription forms, Rekko also provides an Email Capture campaign that allows you to add subscribers to one or multiple Mailing Lists, capture emails for your whole site, or even use an action URL to have email addresses go to a specific server outside of Rekko. The Email Capture campaign even has most of the creative ready, so it’s good to go after a couple tweaks from you.

Watch our video to see how simple it is, or read on below to get the cliff notes.

From Rekko’s Email Marketing section, choose New Campaign. You’ll see the first option is for Email Capture. Click this and a wizard will open up to help guide you through the steps.

The first step is settings. This is where you’ll choose who your campaign will be targeting. The most popular option here is Visitors without an email address on file (with Rekko).

Expand the options below to see other settings like asking for First and Last name, page/site time delay, and multiple deliveries across different sessions.

The next two steps is for designing your form. As you can see, it’s mostly finished. You can add your own logo or remove the link entirely, add your own background or use colors instead, and start tweaking the text in the text areas. Note that each text area supports HTML.

Once you’ve finished both the form and form results, you just have to save your campaign.

Click here to watch how you can send a thank you email to folks who sign up on your new form.