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July 3, 2015
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How to Personalize Campaigns using Merge Tags

What are merge tags and what can they do for you?

Merge tags allow you to insert dynamic content and information into your Rekko campaigns onsite and in emails. This is amazing because you can personalize your messages with your visitors’ names, display products they may have even added to their shopping carts in previous sessions, and much more.

Example of displaying a visitor's first name in an email campaign.

Example of displaying a visitor’s first name in an email campaign.

What are the different kinds of merge tags I can use?

Here’s a list of the different types of merge tags you can use in your Rekko Campaigns:

  • Visitor: This includes first name, last name, email address, and custom profiles.
  • Cart: This allows you to display information based on what visitors added to their shopping cart; e.g. products added, cart total, etc.
  • Grid: This allows you to display top selling products and product recommendation grids that you’ve already created.
  • Coupon: This allows you to display unique coupon codes from a dynamic coupon list you create in Rekko.
  • How do I insert merge tags?

    In most of the Rekko campaign engagements/creatives, you’ll have drop-down options to add merge tags. Simply choose the merge tag type you wish to add, click the drop down, and select it. The merge tag will be added wherever your cursor is in the field.

    Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 4.40.48 PM

    I have custom profiles, can I use merge tags to display this information?

    Certainly. Custom profiles fall under Visitor Merge Tags. While there won’t be a selection for it in Visitor drop-downs, you can add it by simply using this structure: {{VISITOR:CUSTOM_PROFILE}} where CUSTOM_PROFILE is your custom profile name.

    Different Merge Tag Examples

    Many of our clients have started to use merge tags for their website personalization needs. From saying hello to visitors by name in emails and online toolbars to displaying cart content in emails for recovery and post-purchase reviews, you too can start giving that personal touch. Let’s look at some examples of for using merge tags.

    EXAMPLE ONE: Merge tags can be used in subject lines of emails in Rekko

    Just by adding {{VISITOR:FNAME}} to a Rekko email’s subject line, you can catch your visitor’s by surprise and really cut through the clutter in an inbox. Amazon does a great job personalizing their user’s experience, and so we want to level the playing field of our clients and get you the same kind of personalization without having to spend beaucoup bucks.

    Amazon's subject line

    Amazon’s subject line

    Personalizing a subject line in Rekko

    Personalizing a subject line in Rekko

    EXAMPLE TWO: Merge tags can be used to display cart content in emails

    The following images will show you a simple example of displaying cart content in a recovery email. Here, we’re displaying just product name, image, and using the URL to the product page. There are plenty more merge tags for cart content you can use beyond this to really personalize your emails.

    Recovery email with cart content

    Recovery email with cart content

    HTML with merge tag codes behind the cart content email

    HTML with merge tag codes behind the cart content email