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November 2, 2015
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What is a Recycler Campaign?

Rekko’s Recycler Campaign allows you to deliver a reminder email to subscribers who may have not opened an email you’ve sent out. You can schedule a Recycler campaign while you’re creating your mailing campaign, or even after you’ve already sent one out.

Let’s look at an example:

During the holidays, you have a great sale and you want all of your subscribers to know about it. With a list of 20,000 subscribers, you send out a mailing in Rekko to inform them of the event. Only about half opened the email, though, and that’s not good enough! With all of the emails people receive and life getting in the way, you need to cut through the clutter.

You can go back into Rekko and create a Recycler campaign that sends to subscribers who received the original sales mailing AND didn’t open it. You can schedule it to go at a certain time, or send it out immediately if it’s already been some time since you’ve sent out the original email. You can send out the same exact email (subject line, message, etc), or modify it.

Below, you’ll find steps on how to create a Recycler Campaign.

1. While creating an Email Blast, you’ll see an option to toggle Recycler Campaign ON or OFF.

2. Turning the toggle to ON will open up two settings: Scheduler and Subject Line. Of course, you’ll want to schedule the Recycler email to go out sometime after you schedule the original email blast; and the subject line is optional. If you do not input anything in that field, the subject line will use the original content from your email blast.

3. The content portion of the email will be the same as the original email blast you deliver.

Recycler Campaign options inside an Email Blast

Recycler Campaign options inside an Email Blast

If you would like your Recycler campaign to have modified content when the reminder is sent, you can follow the next set of steps for creating a Recycler campaign.

1. In the New Campaigns section, select Recycler. This will open a window similar to the Email Blast.

2. In the Deliver To field, you will get a modal displaying all of your email campaigns. You can simply select which campaign you want this Recycler campaign to follow up on.

3. Just as you would for any other email, fill out how you would like your email to appear (content), how the subject line will ready, and who the email is from. You also have an option here to save all the subscribers who receive the Recycler to a mailing list in Rekko. That is, once this Recycler campaign delivers, it will create a mailing list in Rekko with everyone who was delivered this email.