Setting Up Your SMTP Info
February 23, 2016

What is SmartSend?

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SmartSend makes figuring out the best time to send your email a thing of the past. Using Rekko’s robust feature set and visitor records, SmartSend (part of Charley’s email services) looks at when each recipient last opened their email from you then schedules your next mailing at times closest to their last open. For those recipients who are new or who have no opens, the email will deliver at the scheduled time (immediately).

NOTE: SmartSend will take up to 24 hours to complete since it will be delivering emails to recipients based on their open time records. DO NOT schedule a Recycler campaign to go 24 hours after your send time on a SmartSend enabled campaign. It is likely that SmartSend won’t have finished delivering by the time your Recycler goes out.

smart send for announcement

For example:

Mailing 1 is sent out immediately to Jane and John. Jane opens her email at 8:30am and John doesn’t open his email.

Two days later you set up Mailing 2, and Mailing 2 now has SmartSend turned on. You schedule this email to go out at 10pm. John will receive Mailing 2 as soon as the mailing is processed at 10pm because there is no record of him opening prior emails. Jane, however, won’t receive the email until 8am the next morning since records show she opens her emails around this time.

NOTE: Emails are delivered on the hour. When SmartSend is in use, timing is rounded down to the nearest hour; e.g. Tim opened his last email at 9:45am – SmartSend will schedule him for a 9am delivery.

SmartSend Email Confirmation

When you receive your email confirmation that a mailing was sent, you’ll notice three numbers:


  • Processed: The number of emails processed on your list. This is usually your total number of list subscribers.
  • Delivered Immediately: The number of emails delivered at the time of scheduled delivery (using either SendNow or Schedule).
  • Scheduled Deliveries: The number of emails scheduled to deliver using SmartSend. If SmartSend is not used, or if the list contains new subscribers, this number will be zero.