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September 14, 2015
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November 2, 2015

Why isn’t my campaign firing?

You’ve set up your campaign with the profiles and creatives you want, you turn it on and then go to your website to check…and it’s not there – or maybe it’s firing more than it should. Don’t fret! There are some common mistakes users make that could prevent their campaign from firing properly. Let’s go through some of the common mistakes. If your campaign is STILL not working properly, feel free to reach out to use!

Aggregation Settings

Aggregation Settings in Rekko appear as dropdowns with options for Matches Any vs Matches All. You can read more about them here.

When it comes to campaigns not firing properly, we sometimes find that users will have the Aggregation Settings set to an option opposite to what they actually intend. At the campaign profile level:

Matches All: This is default. We find that most use cases that our clients face use the Matches All function more often at this level than not. Use this when you want to say: “Target visitors who match this profile and this profile and this profile; and exclude if they match anything in the exclude section.”

Matches Any: Use this when you want to say: “Target visitors who match this profile OR this profile OR this profile; OR if they don’t match any of the excluding profiles.”

Advanced Settings

Within Advanced Settings in your Manual Campaign editor, you may find a couple options that could cause your campaign to fire improperly if you haven’t updated them.