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January 25, 2015
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January 29, 2015

EDD Guest Checkout Email Plugin

An EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) plugin to associate ‘Buy Now’ guest users with their existing accounts in the system. There is currently an issue with Easy Digital Downloads by which if someone utilizes a non-logged in checkout process, and later registers or actually has an account, the transaction is not correctly associated with the user ID.

This plugin checks if the email address of a guest transaction matches that of someone in the database and automatically associates the transaction with the correct user in the system.

Buy him a coffee[wp_paypal_payment]

Special thanks to Ghais for resolving this issue with a plugin. If this plugin is helpful, please buy him a coffee for a buck or two.

The plugin has been open-sourced under the MIT license. For more details on the discussion and reason behind the plugin, visit the Easy Digital Download thread on the issue.