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Setting up your first Content Delivery + Testing Campaign
January 23, 2015
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January 25, 2015

Setting up an Echo Campaign

People are coming to your site for different reasons and from different sources. Anything you can do to steer them in the right direction will only improve your chances of converting them into customers. The two most common uses of Rekko Echo is related to email offers and adwords.

If someone is shopping your site and gets interrupted by a phone call or a crying baby, that person is not likely coming back thus abandoning their cart full of items. You can send them a personalized retargeting email that includes a discount offer, product recommendations, and invites them to come back and complete their purchase (Rekko does this too! – Transactional Email). If you display an offer in your email and they click through to your site, why not display the offer rather than force them to return to their inbox, write down the code and then come back.

Depending on your industry keywords are really expensive! Take “insurance” for example, each visitor that you drive to your site will cost you $54.91. That’s a lot of money!! By echoing the message of that keyword search when the visitor arrives at your site will allow you to not only reassure them they are in the right place but also funnel them toward the relevant content. Remember, least number of clicks to get to what they are searching for is essential.

Echoing is something unique to Rekko and has quickly become a best practice for all clients we work with. An abandonment email by itself has a conversion rate between 10% and 15%. By adding a Rekko echo campaign to reinforce the abandonment message/offer, we have seen conversion rates between 65% – 165%. Not a bad return for a campaign that takes less than 5 minutes of your time to create and launch.
Check out Jessica’s short video on how to create an echo campaign.

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