Yoga Accessories: Ken Hammond
January 25, 2015
Supply Geeks: Jake Paquin
January 25, 2015

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Our experience with Rekko has been fantastic. They’ve got a great support team but I don’t need to rely on them very much. The campaign wizard makes it really easy for me to create a campaign. I just follow the steps from A to Z and I’m able to have a campaign running just in a matter of minutes.

The team is phenomenal to work with. Robert, Russ, and Jessica; they’re all top notch and they’ve helped us take our ideas and turn them into real life campaigns. And the best part about it is that we get real time analytics so we can check and see how they’re performing; and if anything needs to be tweaked we can adjust it right off the bat.

The auto-mailer app is probably my favourite. It’s really helped us grow our newsletter list in a non-invasive manner. We’re able to set specific parameters such as the number of times a campaign appears, who it appears to, and when it appears during their session.

By testing several variants we know what colours, texts, and themes appeal to our demographic.

Rekko has helped us improve the way that we interact with customers on our website. There’s a lot of things that we have, non-sales information, that we want customers to be able to see. When they’re in our educational library we want to recommend specific articles and relevant themes; and by being able easily to replace CSS or just add a DIV and put the creative there, we’re able to recommend everything and it’s quite seamless on how it integrates with the site.

One of favourite campaigns that we’re currently running is our product add-on campaign. We have about fourteen thousand SKUs and what we’ve done is, we’ve basically created a bunch of IF statements in creative forms so that now when a customer adds product X to their cart product Y shows up as a recommended product; and we’re able to integrate that into the cart just by creating specific DIVs so we eliminate the need for pop-ups. And it’s been quite smooth and we’re able to track the “what’s popular?” and “what’s recommended the most?” in real time.