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February 2, 2015
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February 4, 2015

Getting Started with Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are sent to an individual based upon the actions or activity that happens on the website. They’re often called ‘trigger emails’, because and unlike bulk emails and newsletters, they’re sent based upon an individuals actions, and are usually personalized. There’s a common misconception that transactional emails are ONLY related to an actual transaction where payment changes hands. Simply defined, a transactional email is an email that is automatically sent or triggered to a user based on an action or inaction they took while on your site.

One of our mantras here at Rekko is to provide access to ‘big boy’ marketing tools and tactics. Transactional triggered emails is near the top of that list. Top e-tailers send real-time, triggered emails for many reasons including password resets, shipping updates, support requests, balance updates to name a few. Why not you?

Traditionally, transactional emails have been difficult to implement because it requires integration of your website with an email delivery platform (or you’re limited to what your website or ecommerce platform provided). Much of the marketing focus is spent on optimizing the visitor experience, page flow, colors, call-to-action buttons, etc. The same type of effort should be afforded to how your company presents itself via email.

Because Rekko is a complete marketing platform, we already know what’s happening for each visitor as they visit the site. Creating trigger-based transactional emails are a cinch. No integrations. Just two minutes. Have you ever wanted to:

  • Send post-purchase emails to drive follow on sales, social sharing, or include product recommendations?
  • Deliver a simple “thank you” for an action on your website, like signing up for your newsletter, leaving a review, or simply coming back to the website?
  • Follow up on a cart abandonment with the hopes of driving them back to the site and recovering a lost sale?
  • Send a promotional email to visitors that navigated to specific category/product pages or interacted with a Rekko campaign during their last visit.

All of these and much more are possible. Jessica explains a very basic transactional email you can create in a few minutes. Rekko makes transactional easy, so checkout our other videos and see how transactional makes email personalization and targeting accessible in ways you never imagined.

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