We’re launching Rekko Marketing Cloud a suite of integrated tools for website and email marketing.

How are we different than Optimizely?

  • Rekko has a true FREE FOREVER plan/tier and we’re offering an industry first: a one-time payment, lifetime SaaS account.
  • We unify your email and website marketing with no costly or complex integrations.
  • Creating sophisticated, cross-channel campaigns in Rekko is simple, for instance, sending personalized emails based on a visitor’s actions on your website.
  • Smart marketers know that optimization doesn’t end when a test does. Rekko does you a big solid by continuously and automagically optimizing all your marketing.
  • Rekko has modules for a/b testing, dynamic emails, recommendations, email capture, retargeting and more.
  • Need inspiration or help? Access the Marketing Store and leverage a library full of the latest top campaigns and marketing creatives. No coding necessary!

We’re social capitalists, we believe everyone should have equal access to kick-ass marketing technology.

Not everyone has $100k, $65k, $37.5k or even $6k/month, the kind of roll the first 4 Rekko customers paid. Plus, Amazon isn’t far from same-day-delivery in Pyongyang. Then what?

Screw that, go big or go Pyongyang. It’s time to arm the rebels.

North Korean Leader Kim Jung Il

With everlasting and precious love from the front lines…

Your friendly arms dealer,
Robert Thanh Parker
Founder, Rekko

If you’re a startup, student or small company with more ambition than employees, shoot me an email (it’s my last name at rekko.com) to request a $10k scholarship credit. Just tell me a bit about what you’re up to.