Our mission from the beginning has always been very simple. As a small business also, our intention has always been to level the playing field for companies not named Amazon. Our success is measured by the achievements of our clients and that’s where you come in.

We have put together various topics related to your experience with our platform, our people and the impact on your organization. We separated the topics and provided a few cue cards to make things easy and get the creative juices flowing. Would you consider providing a video testimonial?

We know your time is valuable so we are sending some sweets, from one of our long-standing clients, as a thank you.

Team Rekko

Account Management

  • “Robert (Russ, Jess) and the team are always on top of any issues and are quick to get them addressed.”
  • “The account reps are quick to call and not only introduce new functionality but help me set it up.”
  • “Their response time on any request I have ever made is days faster than what I could accomplish on our own.”

Best Practices

  • “They introduced me to some best practices that helped…”
  • “Since signing up for Rekko, we have implemented best practices…”

Ease of Installation

  • “The Rekko implementation is a very easy process. We were tagged and running campaigns on the same day we signed up!”
  • “The single tag install was super easy…”

Favorite Person at Rekko

  • “Russ (Jessica) is always happy to help. Here’s an example…”
  • “Robert helped us realize the direction we need to take…”
  • “Steve modified my campaign when I couldn’t get it to work…”


  • The team at Rekko is always quick to respond to requests and always willing to lend a hand. I consider them to be an extension of our marketing team.
  • “We had a problem with one of our campaigns and they replied and resolved it in the middle of the night.”
  • “Their technical support team implemented Rekko for free when my internal staff was bogged down on other projects!”

Technical Advantage & Vision

  • “Having access to multiple tools under one platform was a major driver in going with Rekko.”
  • “They are constantly introducing new features…”
  • “They value our feedback and we’ve seen some of our suggestions in the application.”

Rekko Technology

A/B Testing

  • “Until we signed up with Rekko, we…”
  • “I can test a variable and not have to wait 2 weeks for results, Rekko…”
  • “COMET has helped me take advantage of the best performing variable without having to constantly monitor analytics.”

Campaign Creation

  • “We created a xyz campaign that did abc in 10 minutes”
  • “They’ve introduced campaign designers that my 12 year old could configure…”
  • “Campaigns are a breeze to create…”

Content Delivery (No IT)

  • Getting our IT department to change something as simple as a button color a headline was such a hassle, now…
  • “I can make a change at home in the middle of the night with no help from IT…”
  • “Content delivery for non-tech people like me has allowed me…”

Features You Like

  • “My favorite Rekko feature…”
  • “My top 3 favorite Rekko features are…”
  • “Rekko is head and shoulders better than the competition in…”

Switched to Rekko

  • “We first went with Rekko because we wanted to …”
  • “We wanted an end-to-end solution to replace…”
  • “Now that we are using Rekko...”
  • “Rekko just did it better...”

Rekko Apps


  • “This campaign has helped us compete…”
  • “This is a game changer for us because…”
  • “This is one of those campaigns that have helped us level the playing field.”


  • “By simply echoing the offer…”
  • “Rekko is the only shop offering this type of…”
  • “So simple yet so powerful, Echo…”

Email Microconversion/Capture

  • "One of our top goals for this year was to build out our email database. Rekko…”
  • “In the demo, this feature…”
  • “If there was one feature I couldn’t live without…”

Email Retargeting

  • “Abandoned shopping carts used to keep me awake at night…”
  • “My daily report email from Rekko is the best one I get all day!”
  • “I would recommend this to anyone that…”

Transactional Email

  • “This is my favorite campaign and the results…”
  • “Easy button for transactional type emails that allow us to…”
  • “Set it and forget it at its best...”

Rekko Benefits

Best Practices

  • “These guys know there stuff and have never steered me wrong so…”
  • “The marketing best practices that they have recommended have helped so much.”
  • “Rekko did this for me…”

Decreased Abandonments

  • “Our abandonment rate has…”
  • “Not sure why we didn’t try this sooner because…”
  • “Until we started using Rekko, we had no way to reach out to abandoned carts…”

Improved Conversions

  • “Rekko helped us improve…”
  • “Without Rekko, our conversion rates…”

Increased Revenue

  • “The Rekko campaigns we have implemented thus far…”
  • “The ROI has more than justified the Rekko investment…”

Increased Subscriptions

  • “Before Rekko, our subscription list grew only when a purchase was made…”
  • “Our subscription list now tops…”
  • “This is my favorite campaign…”