Are You Taking Advantage of Your Low Hanging Fruit?

Problem: Visitors often “window shop” on websites, add items to their cart, then abandon. In fact, this happens approximately 70% of the time across all ecommerce sites. We’re guilty of it here at Rekko, and I’m sure many of you reading this are guilty of it too. It’s a huge problem – leaving money on the table is just bad business. 

Solution: Target those visitors who have a potential to abandon, and offer them an incentive to complete their purchase. It’s a simple solution with many approaches, and Rekko’s developed amazing tools that allow you to cover just about all of them. 

How Does Rekko’s Cart Intervention Work?

With just a few profiling filters and a great incentive, you can set up a Cart Intervention in Rekko within minutes. A simple Cart Intervention campaign would look like this:

Who are we targeting? Visitors who are in the cart Page for at least 15 seconds. 

What are we delivering? An offer for 10% Off the entire purchase with a coupon code. 

Think those profiling filters are too broad for your site? Maybe the incentive is too steep for you? No worries! Rekko offers a plethora of profiling filters that allow you to cast smaller nets while offering different incentives to each pool. 

How Successful is Rekko’s Cart Intervention?

In just the past 30 days, clients have seen an upwards of 20% conversions from  visitors who received the campaign. Not bad at all! That’s almost 25 times the average overall website conversion rate across Rekko clients.