timeline: marketing + realtime web analytics

Facebook and Google Analytics just had a baby. Introducing Rekko Timeline! It’s marketing and realtime web analytics for marketers that don’t have time to pour thru Google Analytics data trying to figure out meaning from reports that don’t mean a whole lot to them. So if you’re short on time, but still want to know what’s going on, Timeline answers three incredibly important questions in an easily digestible manner:

  • What key events happening on my website right now?
  • And who are the people that are driving them?
  • How am I doing? Give me the thumbs up or down.

Rekko Timeline is real-time web analytics and marketing reporting done right! Check it out below.

How ya doin’, at a glance.

Realtime Web analytics made easy so you can tackle the rest of your day. Timeline gives you the key KPI’s that that matter most: traffic, abandonments and goals achieved, all updated in real-time..

KPI Timeline

Abandoned Carts.

Ever wanted to know how much money has walked off your site in the last 24 hours? Rekko tells you AND gives you the tools to do something about it.

Realtime Geography.

Want to know where your shoppers are coming from and how many are coming from the Buckeye state? Rekko displays and makes that available every visitor.


In Search of.

What are your visitors looking for? Timeline displays the keywords they used, the page they landed on and of course the referrer/search engine to thank.

A Biography for Every Visitor.

We think every visitor is a customer or a soon-to-be one. So we write a book on each one, giving you every bit of data and behavior for your marketing efforts.


Clickstream Data.

Similar to traditional Web analytics, Timeline gives you clickstream and shopping cart activity data. You can browse and use the clickstream data in your Rekko behavioral targeting and Web personalization efforts. Timeline makes realtime Web analytics truly actionable.